2024 Policy Priorities

In 2024, Open Communities Alliance is continuing to coordinate Growing Together CT, a consortium of organizations advancing policies that promote thriving neighborhoods and affordable housing access everywhere to make Connecticut equitable and economically vibrant.  

Here are our policies priorities:

Making Housing Vouchers Work

Starting with the 13,000 vouchers administered by the Department of Housing, require that vouchers be valued such that they allow access to all housing markets in the state and that an annual rent study is conducted to ensure that real-time market conditions are considered. Also, invest $16 million in the state-funded Rental Assistance Program to allow for service at its current level considering statewide increase in rents, and expansion to help Connecticut meet the current housing crisis. Lead Organizations: Open Communities Alliance and Partnership for Strong Communities

Sewer Infrastructure Planning Investments to Support Affordability

Growing Together CT recommends that sewer infrastructure planning to support affordable units be added to the current optional plans created by municipal water pollution control authorities, where they exist, and that towns that include such elements in their sewer planning be eligible for sewer infrastructure expansion support from the state in the form of a new fund.  Lead Organization: Open Communities Alliance

Addressing Homelessness

To sustain current services, the state needs to invest $20 millions in shelters, services, and other assistance for families and individuals facing homelessness.  Lead Organization: CT Coalition to End Homelessness

Just Cause Eviction

Extend protections that have worked well for years to prevent the eviction of seniors, unless there is a just reason for an eviction (such as nonpayment of rent), to all households.  Lead Organizations:  CT Tenants Union, Connecticut Fair Housing Center, Make the Road CT, DSA-CT, and PT Partners

Housing Growth Fund

The Housing Growth Fund would allocate $50 million on a formula-basis to municipalities that are playing a meaningful role in allowing affordable housing to be built. Growing Together Elm Cities Communities will share more details about this initiative.  Lead Organization: Elm City Communities



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