Help for Under-Resourced Areas

What is OCA doing for Under-resourced Areas?

OCA’s primary focus is on linking people who have not had access to opportunity to opportunity-rich areas through housing and other resources; however, that is only half the equation.  The other half involves working in partnership with groups striving to bring resources to lower opportunity areas that will make them vibrant.  Such strategies allow for the voluntary de-concentration of poverty through housing choices in a variety of communities while ensuring that housing is affordable for people who want to stay in areas that are revitalizing.

 Here are some strategies Open Communities supports:

  • Expanded community revitalization investments to go beyond housing - for example, support of small business development.

  • As communities are revitalizing, implementation of policies that protect against gentrification.

  • Support of policies that make neighborhoods safer with high levels of community involvement.

  • Vigorous support of schools, mentoring programs, after school activities, community colleges, scholarship programs, and job training opportunities.

  • Investment in resources that strengthen family and community connections.



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