Open Choice Vouchers Pilot


The state's Rental Assistance program is one of the most segregated housing programs in the state. It could be used to leverage existing resources on behalf of program recipients interested in moving to higher opportunity areas, including families participating in the Open Choice Program who have already demonstrated an interest in desegregated educational options.


Proposal: It is a critical time to connect housing choice and school choice. The state's Open Choice Program, which operates in the Hartford, New Haven, and Bridgeport areas gives the parents children in under-resourced school districts the option of participating in a lottery for a seat in participating suburban school districts. Many Open Choice families qualify for the state’s Rental Assistance Program and would consider moving to the town where their children attend school or a similar community. Such moves would open up Open Choice slots for new participants. This proposal envisions the Commissioner of Housing and the Commissioner of the Department of Education working together to establish a pilot Open Choice RAP program, which could be done by making the program a priority within existing resources if RAP funding stays level, or through an expansion of RAP if new funding becomes available.


Status of Bills:

  • H.B. 6074 - Public Hearing held 2/7 (Housing Committee)
  • H.B. 5841 - Public Hearing held 2/7 (Housing Committee)
  • H.B. 6077 - Public Hearing held 2/7 (Housing Committee)




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