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Support three bills to promote integration and create greater housing choices for a stronger Connecticut!

1. HB No. 5196 - Expanded Housing Authority Jurisdiction (IF AMENDED). Most housing authorities are restricted to operating within the borders of their towns. Due to Connecticut's deep segregation, this makes it difficult for housing authorities to become full partners in offering a range housing choices to their clients and contribute to creating desegregated housing options. Housing authority jurisdiction is a function of state law. We can change this! OCA supports this bill with three critical changes. More information.

  • HB 5196 is available here.
  • Fact Sheet is available here.
  • White Paper available here.
  • Housing Authority Jurisdiction PowerPoint presentation available here.
  • Status: Passed out of the Housing Committee on March 16th.

2. Governor's Bill No. 5045: Zoning Accountability. In order to unlock its full economic potential, all of Connecticut's towns need to play on “Team Connecticut” and welcome an appropriate share of the affordable housing. This bill extends the state’s duty under federal law to affirmatively further fair housing to towns and authorizes OPM to provide monetary incentives to towns encouraging them to comply with zoning obligations. While other efforts to promote affordable housing rely on developer action, this bill recognizes that as part of executing the zoning authority delegated to them by the state, towns have a proactive role to play as well.  More information.

  • Governor's Bill No. 5045 is available here.
  • Fact Sheet is available here.
  • Status: Passed out of the Planning & Development Committee on March 26th.

3. HB No. 5482: An Act Concerning the Recommendations of the Fair Housing Working Group. This bill includes changes to Connecticut's primary zoning law similar to those in 5045 above, proposes an inclusionary zoning regimen for the state, and establishes a task force to study transit-oriented development. This bill contains a variety of important proposals and represents the excellent forward-thinking work of the Fair Housing Working Group. Overall, it includes several promising concepts and we encourage everyone to review them. OCA is supportive, but believes some elements would benefit from further legislative drafting.

  • HB 5482 is available here.
  • Status: Hearing was held Friday, March 16th. Did not pass out of the P&D Committee.

4. H.B. No. 5533 - Fair Housing Data Transparency. In January 2018, the Trump administration suspended a critical federal obligation to report data on the levels of segregation, its causes, and steps grantees are taking to promote integration.  Under current law, Connecticut still must collect this important data, but it is not publicly produced in a meaning fully way. OCA recommends that the state commit to carrying out the Obama-era reporting obligations suspended by Trump. More information.

  • ALERT: Hearing to be held Monday, March 19th.
  • HB 5533 is available here.
  • Fact Sheet is available here.
  • Status: Passed out of the Planning & Development Committee on March 26th.
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