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Open Communities Alliance has created a Zoning Hub for individuals and community groups to learn about zoning regulations and their implications, as well as data on segregation, housing, and schools in your community. Learn how to become an advocate for equitable zoning in your community!


Open Communities Alliance is a Connecticut-based civil rights organization that promotes access to opportunity for all people through education, organizing, advocacy, research, and partnerships. The Alliance works to build an urban-suburban interracial coalition to support policies that lead to housing choice.  Join us! 


What is opportunity?

A chance for everyone to achieve his or her full potential.

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In The News

Despite five years of advance notice that Connecticut towns would have to submit affordable housing plans by June 1, less than half of them made the deadline. The deadline — established by a 2017 law that requires such plans every five years —marked an important date for affordable housing advocates...

The killing of George Floyd in May of 2020 sparked a long-needed racial consciousness awakening across the United States with people of all races filling the streets in cities, suburbs, and rural areas in protest. This energy has been channeled into heightened “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” efforts at corporations and foundations, calls to...

Worth Reading

A first-in-the-nation program that connects families with young children to affordable housing in Connecticut is growing. The Head Start on Housing program is administering an additional 35 state-funded housing vouchers for low-income families enrolled in Head Start, a federally funded preschool program that promotes school readiness for children up to...

In 1944 President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared that the U.S. had a “Second Bill of Rights”, including the right to a decent home. It wasn’t for another four years that the right to adequate housing was accepted under the Human Rights Law (as part of the adoption of the Universal...

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