Opportunity and Race

What does opportunity mapping teach us about racial and ethnic disparities?  When race and ethnicity layered over the map of opportunity we discover that access to opportunity is not available on an equal basis.  This kind of deep opportunity disparity by race has implications across a range of indicators, from health outcomes to the educational achievement gap.  Learn more about how Open Communities Alliance connects the dots.

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Overall, opportunity in Connecticut is allocated as follows:

  Very Low Opportunity Low Opportunity Moderate Opportunity High Opportunity Very high Opportunity
Black (non-Hispanic) 48.98% 24.29% 13.07% 9.19% 4.47%
Hispanic (any race) 46.85% 25.86% 11.82% 9.07% 6.41%
Asian (non-Hispanic) 12.16% 23.43% 19.74% 22.38% 22.30%
White (non-Hispanic) 7.00% 18.94% 22.44% 25.00% 26.62%
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