Introduction to Opportunity Mapping

UPDATE! 2019 Opportunity Mapping


Where you live affects your access to opportunity -- and this can be mapped.

Opportunity mapping is an analytical tool that deepens our understanding of "opportunity" dynamics within regions.  The goal of opportunity mapping is to identify opportunity-rich and opportunity isolated communities.  With a basic understanding of the geography of opportunity we can then better determine who has access to opportunity resources and how to remedy opportunity inequality. Here is what opportunity looks like in Connecticut.

Opportunity in Connecticut was originally mapped by the Kirwan Institute in a 2009 report commissioned by the Connecticut Fair Housing Center.  This 2015 update is a joint project of the original two organizations and Open Communities Alliance with considerable volunteer assistance from a team of data experts including Scott Gaul of the Hartford Foundation for Public GivingProfessor Jack Dougherty of Trinity College, Natalia Vorotyntseva a graduate student at the University of Connecticut working with the UConn Mapping and Geographic Information Center (MAGIC), and Chris Brechin of Blueprint for Impact.

2015 Opportunity Mapping

Interactive Opportunity Map


Opportunity Map PDFs (by State and County)


Click here to see what opportunity mapping tells us about the intersection of race, ethnicity and access to opportunity.

Click here to learn more about the methodology used to generate opportunity mapping.

Opportunity mapping indicators

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