The Worst States for Hispanics

The Worst States for Hispanics, Thomas Frohlich and Samuel Stebbins, 24/7 Wall Street, available here

"2. Connecticut
> Pct. residents Hispanic:
> Hispanic homeownership rate: 32.7% (5th lowest)
> Hispanic unemployment rate: 11.3% (2nd highest)
> Hispanic incarceration rate: 1,195 per 100,000 people (10th highest)

Connecticut residents are some of the wealthiest in the nation. High incomes, however, are largely limited to white households. The median income of white households of $78,959 is nearly the highest in the country. It is also more than double the median income of Hispanic households, which at less than $40,000 is also one of the lower incomes compared with Hispanic households in other states. Similarly, while the poverty rate among white people in the state of 6.1% is the lowest such rate nationwide, 26.5% of Hispanic state residents live in poverty. White residents are also far more likely than Hispanic residents to own their homes, adding to the wealth disparities between the ethnic groups. More than three in four white households are owned by their occupants, in stark contrast with the Hispanic homeownership rate of approximately one in every three homes."

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