Victoria Asfalg

Victoria Asfalg, Policy & Data Analyst, [email protected], 860-610-6040

Victoria Asfalg joined the OCA team in 2023 as a Policy and Data Analyst. She was born and raised in Connecticut, and is especially connected to the Hartford area. After attending a Hartford magnet school, Victoria decided to continue her education in Hartford when she enrolled at Trinity College, where she later obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies. Her coursework at Trinity was largely centered around urban planning and policy, with a focus on affordable housing and equity planning. During her time as an undergraduate, Victoria also discovered her love for working with data. She is a strong believer in the power of data and seeks to educate and empower individuals and communities through her data analyses and visualizations. She has produced work in collaboration with organizations such as Connecticut Public and Habitat for Humanity of North Central Connecticut, and has also published a high school lesson plan on zoning for TeachIt CT. 

Victoria’s interest in fair housing dates back to when she first started volunteering for Journey Home in 2015, an organization which she still enjoys volunteering with to this day.  Victoria is a member of the Cleo of Alpha Chi Literary Society at Trinity College, and was active on the Trinity Women’s Rowing team for the four years that she attended Trinity. Victoria still loves rowing on the Connecticut River, now as a part of Riverfront Recapture, where she also coaches youth rowing.

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