Lift Your Voice for Housing Choice!

Where you live should be a real choice! Do you use RAP or Section 8 and want to move to areas with less crime and thriving schools, but haven’t been able to? We want to hear your story!

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Open Communities Alliance is working to make sure that areas that are struggling have the additional resources they need and that low income people of color have real choices about where to live — in cities and suburbs. Right now, people using Section 8 and RAP do not have a choice. About 83% of people using these programs live in areas that have struggling schools and high rates of crime. That is not fair, but many people seem to think that people using RAP and Section 8 don’t want to live anywhere else.

Many forces are trying to stop this from happening, but your story will help us raise up what we believe is the truth — that families want true housing choice.

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