Glastonbury's Housing Future Discussed

Glastonbury's Housing Future Discussed, Steve Smith, Hartford Courant, March 31, 2016, available here

Can Glastonbury's housing change with the current and predicted trends? What the town would have to do to become more diverse in its housing was part of the discussion at a Community Conversation, held by the Glastonbury Martin Luther King Community Initiative, in collaboration with the Open Communities Alliance, on March 30.

Glastonbury resident Erin Boggs, who is also the Director and founder of the Open Communites Alliance, said the evidence is pretty clear as to what the demographics of the region are going to look like in the future, and that Glastonbury has a chance to "get ahead of that, and think a little bit about how we can incorporate the new way our median is going to look, and the things we love about our town, and how we can pull them together for a strong, vibrant Glastonbury community for our future."

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