Creating a Home for Everyone: How can realtors promote integration?

Creating a Home for Everyone: How can REALTORS promote integration?

Real estate agents play a pivotal role in housing segregation throughout the state and country. Historically, many real estate agents used discriminatory practices that denied people of color and voucher holders access to various neighborhoods. On August 27th, Open Communities Alliance and the Bridge Committee of Greater Hartford Association of Realtors are hosting Creating a Home for Everyone: How can realtors promote integration? a webinar for realtors. This webinar will explore how housing segregation shaped the housing industry and made an impact on the state of Connecticut. We will discuss the realtors role in "unwinding" segregation. This webinar will emphasize the importance of providing fair equitable housing in our state. Erin Boggs, Executive Director of Open Communities Alliance, Bryan Greene, Director of Fair Housing Policy for the National Association of Realtors, and Fred Freiberg, Executive Director of Fair Housing Justice Center will be our guest speakers. 

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