Expanded Housing Authority Jurisdiction

Proposal: Most housing authorities are restricted to operating within the borders of their towns. Due to Connecticut's deep segregation, this makes it difficult for housing authorities to become full partners in offering a range of housing choices to their clients and contribute to creating desegregated housing options. Housing authority jurisdiction is a function of state law. This proposal would amend CGS 8-39 et seq. to permit housing authorities to adopt expanded areas of operation that extend to higher opportunity areas within 30 miles of their municipal borders.


Status of Bills:

  • H.B. 6073 - Referred to the Housing Committee (1/24)

  • H.B. 6076 - Referred to the Housing Committee (1/24)

  • H.B. 5421 - Referred to the Housing Committee (1/16)

  • H.B. 7067 - Public Hearing to be held 2/14 (Housing Committee)



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