Demand for Affordable Housing Far Outstrips the Supply

Demand for Affordable Housing Far Outstrips the Supply, Emilie Munson, Justin Papp, Mary O’Leary and Hannah Dellinger, CT Post, December 24, 2018, available here

In Connecticut, where home prices and rents are some of the highest in the nation, demand for affordable housing far outstrips the supply.

To afford a two-bedroom rental, a Connecticut resident on average needs to make $24.90 per hour or work 99 hours a week on minimum wage, the National Low Income Housing Coalition found in 2018. That’s the ninth-highest housing wage in the nation.

“The housing stock in Connecticut is not made for people making minimum wage,” said Christie Stewart, director of Fairfield County Center for Housing Opportunity, a newly formed nonprofit based in Bridgeport. “I’ve worked for years for a shelter provider. You walk through those shelters, those people are all employed.”

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