Connecticut Is Racially Segregated: Now What?

A recent study funded by the state reveals that Connecticut is experiencing rising racial and economic segregation, marking it one of the most segregated regions in the nation. This trend is particularly evident in certain areas across the state.

The Fairfield County Center for Housing Opportunity (FCCHO) conducted a virtual forum on the report Wednesday.

“There are few, if any, surprises in this study,” said former Housing Commissioner Evonne Klein, as she began the event. “Still, we need to discuss the findings, and most importantly, the possible solutions and actions that should be taken not only in the legislative session, but also in other arenas.”


Kirk Wesley, senior community organizer and outreach coordinator at Open Communities Alliance and a Bridgeport resident for 24 years, sees an opportunity for grassroots organizing to make a difference in the housing and segregation crises facing the state.

“When I think about political will, it comes back to the will of the people, because it’s the people who allow politicians to be who they are. Organized people and organized money equals power, and we need to have those things to challenge the systems and structures that create these barriers. In order to move the needle on these issues, we have to understand that there’s strength in numbers,” Wesley said.


Connecticut is Racially Segregated: Now What?, Jamil Ragland, CT News Junkie, Feb. 28, 2024, available here

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