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On Tuesday, September 29, 2020, Open Communities Alliance, in partnership with the Jerome N. Frank Legal Services Organization at Yale Law School, submitted an application to the Woodbridge Planning and Zoning Commission calling for necessary changes to the town’s discriminatory zoning policies. As part of a long-term #OpenWoodbridge Campaign, the proposed changes would take initial steps to bring the town's zoning into compliance with state and federal law, require the town to host its fair share of affordable housing for the region, and address decades of exclusionary zoning.

This effort offers Woodbridge the opportunity to bring its policies into compliance while ending decades of housing segregation. To hold the town to account, Open Communities Trust, LLC has acquired property in Woodbridge and is seeking to build a small multi-family development with a mix of market rate and affordable rental units, a development model that is currently prohibited throughout the town. State law requires Woodbridge's zoning commission to respond to the proposed zoning amendment with a public hearing

At present, Woodbridge’s zoning policy reserves the vast majority of its land area exclusively for single-family homes on large lots and bans the development of multi-family housing of three units or more across the entire town.


“The lack of diversity in the Amity School District and many other suburban school districts can be attributed almost entirely to the zoning controls that local governments use to exclude outsiders,” said Connie Royster, Co-chair of the Open Communities Alliance Board of Directors. “Since school districts draw their student population from within their geographic boundaries, they reflect the demographics of the communities that lie within them. The simple fact is that the only way the Amity School District can realistically become a more diverse place is if towns like Woodbridge allow the construction of affordable housing. Woodbridge has a responsibility to its kids to provide the best education possible, and that means it needs to become a community that is welcoming to all.”

We are grateful to the Jerome N. Frank Legal Services Organization at Yale Law School for partnering with us to #OpenWoodbridge.


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