Fairfield looks to address affordable housing

Fairfield looks to address affordable housing, Jordan Grice, CT Post, September 30, 2018, available here

There are still several barriers to address, according to Erin Boggs, executive director of Hartford-based nonprofit Open Communities Alliance, which addresses opportunity disparities, including in housing.

One long-standing barrier, she said, concerns outdated and exclusionary zoning ordinances, especially in the suburbs. The vast majority of affordable housing in southwestern Connecticut is in the cities.

“In addition to land costs are all kinds of zoning barriers, so the number of towns that have serious restrictions where multifamily and affordable units can be built is significant,” she said. “Until we see start to see a change in that element of how local government runs in Fairfield County, it’s hard to imagine that we are going to see a change in where affordable housing is located.

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