Fair Share Implementation Policy Paper

Fair Share Planning and Zoning is a commonsense policy to meaningfully expand housing options across Connecticut, boost the state’s economy by billions of dollars, and begin to undo decades of segregation and disinvestment. Connecticut has some of the highest housing costs in the country; it’s also one of the most segregated states. This dual housing crisis holds the state back and is part of the reason the state has between 90,000-100,000 unfilled jobs. Fair Share will create a more economically dynamic and equitable state for all of us. Check out more about how housing development, including multifamily housing, contributes to our economy in this National Association of Homebuilders report.

The broad strokes of the Fair Share policy are based on a successful process in New Jersey and draws from those of other states – but it has been tailored specifically for Connecticut.  Our Fair Share Implementation Policy Paper outlines what Fair Share is, explains how it will positively impact our state, explains how it will work on a practical level, and offers implementation recommendations.



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