Erin Boggs works to promote fair housing

Erin Boggs works to promote fair housing, Mara Dresner, Glastonbury Life, January 2018, available here

"What we have right now is an extremely racially, ethnically and economically segregated state. Connecticut is one of the most segregated states in the country and this is something most people don't realize. What segregation has meant is, particularly for low-income families of color, they haven't had access to the highest-ranked schools in the country. We are among the top in terms of having an achievement gap between students of color and white students. All of this is hard for families of color, but it's also hard on the state to have this poverty concentration. It's also hard for families living places like Glastonbury whose children will not have interaction with families from different backgrounds. With the country and Connecticut becoming increasingly diverse, the workplaces of the future are going to be multi-racial, multi-ethnic and diverse as well," she noted.

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