Doing Well While Doing Good




There is an ever-growing body of research demonstrating that neighborhood conditions have deep effects on children’s life trajectories. In short, zip code dictates destiny. 

There is also a growing understanding of the government’s role in creating Connecticut’s deeply segregated housing landscape. To counteract this history and ensure that all children have the opportunity to meet their promise, we need to make equitable investments in struggling communities and ensure that lower income Black and Latino families have access to neighborhoods that have historically been difficult to move to.

In Connecticut, almost 80% of voucher holders are Black or Latino. For this reason, government housing vouchers offer a unique opportunity for landlords to successfully grow their real estate businesses while contributing to interrupting the cycle of poverty for voucher families and unwinding the history of intentional segregation.

This Doing Well While Doing Good: Promoting Opportunity and Housing Choice by Renting to Voucher Holders landlord guide is designed to provide basic information helpful to landlords interested in assisting housing voucher access thriving communities.

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