De-Designing Segregation in New Haven County

This webinar series was organized and hosted by Open Communities Alliance and Congregations Organized for a New Connecticut.

Part I: The History and Impact of Segregated Towns and Regions

Join us to explore the history of government policies that contributed to residential segregation, both nationally and in Connecticut. We will examine the ways in which government policies shaped where affordable housing is located - or not located - throughout New Haven County. A short film based on the book The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein will be shown before delving into local history, the impact of segregation, and the experiences of local community members.

Part I Webinar Materials:

Part II: Strategies to Unwind Residential Segregation:

Please join us for an exploration of innovative strategies being used around the country to counteract the history of intentional government segregation. We will consider the role of towns, regions, and the state in "unwinding" segregation, with a particular focus on the role the generation of mixed-income communities, can play in creating a more equitable and sustainable Connecticut.

Part II Webinar Materials:

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