Jay Pottenger Fellowship Fund

J. L. Pottenger, Jr. ("Jay") was a tireless advocate for fair housing and equal justice expressed through his dedication to Open Communities Alliance (OCA), an organization that he helped to co-found. OCA aims to unwind Connecticut's stark history of government-perpetuated segregation as part of an effort to reduce social, economic, and health disparities experienced by low-income families of color.

Jay also had a passion for housing justice through his devotion to the Yale Law School Clinical Program, where he served as a professor and mentor for 45 years. Jay gave students clinical experience working on cases, including OCA matters ranging from legislative advocacy to federal litigation. Jay was a rare combination of teacher, advocate, litigator, counselor, and visionary champion for justice. Jay would fight for the rights of the oppressed when no one else would.

Jay's legacy of a life devoted to service is being honored with the Pottenger Fellowship Fund. This Fund will provide stipends to students interning at Open Communities Alliance.

During their internship, Pottenger Fellows will learn the history and laws of housing segregation, gain skills in advocacy and organizing, and deepen their understanding of legislation and litigation. The Pottenger Fellowship is open to undergraduate and graduate/law students, with a focus on students in, or interested in attending, law school. Interested applicants are encouraged to visit the Pottenger Fellowship application page [ADD LINK WHEN LIVE].

We invite you to contribute to the Fund as a way to honor Jay, advance OCA's mission, and join us as we nurture young people in their pursuit of justice, fair housing and a more equitable world.