2017 Policy Priorities

For 2017, OCA recommends a package of five broad initiatives to comprehensively address housing segregation in Connecticut. 


 Step 1: Plan!

Step 2: Balance!

Step 3: Choice!

 Step 4: Fix the Law!

Step 5: City Lift!

Other bills to follow:
Proposed Substitute Bill 752: This bill requires the state to conduct the affordable housing needs assessment essential to planning for integrated housing choices.
  • OCA testimony available here.
  • All testimony available here.
  • Status: Housing Committee hearing 2/28, voted out of committee 3/7 (vote tally here); moved to the foot of the calendar (i.e. put on hold) 4/21/2017.

We have all been born into a racially, ethnically, and economically segregated world. The myths of the 1930s about the dire consequences of placing to-scale mixed income housing in middle to upper-income neighborhoods have been proven patently false. What is true is that poverty concentration and racial segregation take a heavy toll on families and our state's bottom line.

HB 7297 stands for the simple premise that Connecticut's housing resources need be be invested in a balanced manner that works to undo the social engineering of the past that generated our deep geographic divides. It would restore enforceability to CGS Sec. 8-37cc, a law that requires our state housing agencies to promote fair housing.


Please support HB 7297. In addition to fostering integration, it will also benefit working families, seniors, and people disabilities, while supporting great income balance and investment in struggling communities.

Calls need to be made to the Judiciary Committee before its vote on Tuesday, May 16. The list of committee members and more information about the bill is below.

Raised House Bill 7297:  This bill restores the state's obligation to proactively invest in promoting integration and requires the state to conduct the affordable housing needs assessment essential to planning for integrated housing choices.

  • Fact Sheet on HB 7297 and SB 752 available here.
  • OCA testimony available here.
  • All testimony available here.
  • Recommended amendments available here.
  • Status: Planning and Development Committee hearing on 3/22, passed out of committee 3/24 (vote tally here); referred to the Judiciary Committee for a vote on 5/16, passed out of committee (vote tally here).

Check out OCA's 5 Step Comprehensive Plan for Ending Segregation and Promoting Vibrant Towns Across the State




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