State Zoning Administration

Proposal: Amend the state’s Zoning Enabling Act, CGS Sec. 8-2, to fulfill Connecticut’s federal and state fair housing legal obligations by ensuring that municipal zoning supports housing integration. This will be accomplished by (1) streamlining 8-2’s language, (2) tying state discretionary funding to the adoption of municipal zoning policies that promote balanced development, including multifamily housing, as defined by an expert working group, (3) amending 8-2 to remove ambiguous language that could be misconstrued to hinder affordable housing development, and (4) adding language to clarify that the state’s obligation to affirmatively further fair housing extends to municipalities as part of the state’s delegation of zoning authority to towns.

OCA supports H.B. 6749, if it is amended to include the language noted in Section 3 of the Proposed Language below.


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